Discover a Whole New Way to Take Care of Your Cats.

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Be The First to Experience

Try out the finest cat facial-recognition technology that identifies each of your cats and keeps track of their status.

Never Miss Any Important Changes

Keep tabs on your cats and get notification of their unusual changes in behavior.

Stay Connected While You're Away

Check on your furry loved ones anytime anywhere, and share the precious moments with your family.

What You Need for CatFi Box

It only takes two phones and a Box.

  • Cam-Phone

  • CatFi Box

    You can download or order CatFi Box during beta test period. If you're interested, SIGN UP to be our beta user now.

  • Control-Phone


Easy Setup

Just 3 steps and you are ready to go.

  1. 1Download the Apps

    Download the CatFi & CatFi Box Apps on your phones and log in with the same account.

  2. 2Make a Box

    Fold the cardboard box, place in the “Cam-Phone” and a cat bowl, or even a waterer.

  3. 3Stay Connected

    Connect your “Cam-Phone” to Wi-Fi and power supply to stay in touch with your cats wherever you are.